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Lor. Nov.24.93.
Drawing and Painting major at OCADU.

A spew of thoughts; a way of dealing with my frantically changing emotions and depression, while embracing the good and sometimes NSFW.

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Down With Webster - Big Wheels


Down With Webster - Big Wheels

Tic, tac, toe, yup let’s go. You’ve got X’s, I’ve got O’s. See my show? I’m so woah, I’m not your everyday average Joe. Yo, you need to stop it, let’s get drunk now that’s the topic. Vodka or vodka, that’s your option. Take those shots and you’re pro at boxing. You got me thinking it’s on now, hold the choke of that bong down. Stumbling onto your lawn now, people say that I’m wrong.

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  • 15 September 2012
  • 21